Beringin Park Parents Day 2015 !!!

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Why choose us

  • We believe in providing quality and affordable nursing care services in our homes
  • We have 24 hours stay in nurse and workers who are able to cater to the needs of the elderly
  • We do provide transportation for the elderly for check-ups in hospitals and to pick up elderly during discharge from hospital
  • Daily physical exercises for the elderly
  • Clean and safe environment. We try our best to eliminate the dangers for the elderly, especially falls in our homes
  • Healthy home cooked food by our home cook
  • Nice and peaceful home environment for the elderly to walk for their daily routine
  • Our staff are trained to be courteous and friendly to understand the elderly. As many already have working experience with the elderly they can provide even better care in our homes.

To know more about us, kindly please visit us at 23, Jalan Beringin 4, Taman Beringin, Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka. Or you can contact our staff, Ms Neo at 016-279 1680 or Ms Lee at 012-250 1163.

Thank you

From the management of Beringin Park

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We Are Hiring !

We are hiring for the following positions:

  1. Stay In Nurse
    1. With or without nursing experience
    2. Working with elderly and disabled person
    3. People with patience and good outlook are encouraged to apply
    4. Fresh grads are encouraged to apply
    5. Stay-in (We will provide room accommodation and food)
    6. Please email your resume to or call the below numbers for more details
  2. General Worker
    1. Stay-in (Accommodation and food will be provided)
    2. Job scope will be cleaning of the house and general care of the inmates
    3. People with patience and good outlook are encouraged to apply
    4. Prefer have experience working with elderly persons (but is not a necessity)
    5. Please call the below numbers for more details

Please contact Ms Neo at 016-279 1680 or Ms Lee at 012-250 1163 for the above positions.

Good Luck !

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Visit from students and teachers of Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School Singapore

Very grateful and thankful for their visit. We feel so blessed with their visit and caring help and indeed we are blessed to receive them today and our memories with the children singing and helping the elderly will stay with us for years to come.

Really beautiful children and they touched the hearts of all the elderly and our staff

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2015 CNY Open House @ Beringin Park Old Folks Home

2015-03-01 11.52.00 2015-03-01 11.59.35

It was a fun event attended by many of the elderly inmate’s children and relatives with good food and karaoke song to finish the intimate session. We look forward to the next one the following year with even more people. We would like to thank all those present today that made it a very happy and eventful day at our nursing home. Wishing you all a very happy Chinese New Year 2015 and may this year bring prosperity, good health and happiness to all.

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We now provide elderly day service

Elderly Couple Playing Video Game

Day care – a more sociable experience

Our homes have day care facilities providing varied, stimulating activities, companionship and care, within a safe environment.

The services are suitable for older people with varying levels of care needs, including those who have dementia.

Attending day services helps to relieve the loneliness and isolation of people living on their own and assists people in maintaining independence.

Day care services are also suitable for people who live with relatives, enabling family carers to have some respite with the peace of mind that their relative is being cared for.

Individualised activity plans

Individualised activity plans are designed for our day care members taking into account personal interests and hobbies.  The activities on offer include arts and crafts, quizzes, reminiscence, bingo and trips out.

All of our day care services include lunch and refreshments throughout the day. A free “taster day” is offered to anyone considering using our day care services.

Contact your local home to see if they offer day care and the timings when it is available.

016-2791680 (Ms Neo)

012-2501163 (Ms Lee)

Address: 23, Jalan Beringin 4, Taman Beringin, Batu Berendam, Melaka

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We are looking for Nurses

Need full time Nurse for Elderly Care in Melaka.

Require staff to stay stay at care centre.

Free Food and lodging provided.

Comfortable room provided and food are provided.

EPF and SOCSO provided.

Full time job permanent position.

Location near to near to Ayer Keroh toll (15 minutes) and Melaka airport (5 minute).

Location: 23, Jalan Beringin 4, Taman Beringin, Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka.

Contact: or call us at 016-2791680 (Ms Neo) to inquire about this job position

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